Swimming Meets Sanctioning Policy


In the interest of creating more opportunities for swimmers to race, SSA affiliate clubs are encourage to organise SSA-sanctioned club swim meets. 
During the currrent SMM, swim meet organsiers are required to submit the Safety Management Measures (SMM) Plans for Safe Return to Competition for SSA's review and approval. Example of such SMM plans can be downloaded below:


Sanctioned Meets Database


The SSA Sanctioned Database lists swimmers who have competed in Meets sanctioned by the Singapore Swimming Association from 1 Jan 2021.

Times submitted by the Clubs will be reviewed by SSA and updated accordingly. 
In the event of any errors, please send details through an email to swadmin@swimming.org.sg for rectification.

This is a read-only Database, CoachSSA Members can download the contents here.
It will be accessible by Athlete Members and other membership categories in the future


How to use:
1. Seach feature, find specific Names or Events.

2. Select Filter, to sorting the content shown. You can filter by Club, Events and/or Name etc.
  • WHERE - Filters the column according to your selection
  • AND  Additional filters to add to your selection
  • OR - An alternative filter criteria, filters cases outside of WHERE and AND criteria selected.

  • Click on "X" to remove filters
  • Add filters with "Add filter"
This database is best viewed on a Computer. On mobile devices, select "Request Desktop View" or its equivalent via the browser.
Updated: 12 Jan 2022
December 2022
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