Podium Peformance Grant Program-2018/2019

Initiation of this Club Award programme was to identify and recognize high performance outcomes delivered within our club system in Singapore and provide opportunity to access resources that benefit, motivate and assist member clubs, their coaches and swimmers to continue to strive for the highest ideals of swimming performance in the region, continent and world.
The program provides financial assistance to athletes and coaches training with their clubs, not otherwise funded by Sport SG scholarship or Major Games push funding, to be focused toward improving daily training environments that support continued development in high performance outcomes. 

Details of the selection and criteria of the program can be found here

2018-2019 Podium Performance Awards

Level  Club
Gold  Swimfast Aquatic Club (SAC)
Silver Aquatic Performance Swim Club (APSC)
Bronze Aquatech Swim Club (ATS)
Bronze Chinese Swimming Club (CSC)
Bronze Singapore Swimming Club (SSC)

2018/2019 Podium Performance - Senior Roster
2018/2019 Podium Performance- Junior Roster
2018/2019 Podium Performance- Point Matrix 


December 2022
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